The Corner Surgery has been asked to promote the Sefton Self Care Medicines Policy to our patients:

Sefton Medicines Self Care Policy

This Policy is a list of over-the-counter medicines that are no longer recommended to be routinely prescribed by GPs, nurses or pharmacists. There are some exceptions included in the policy and our more vulnerable patients are reminded to use the Care at the Chemist service:

Care at the Chemist Service Details

The Care at the Chemist service ensures that patients who do not normally pay for their prescriptions have quick, easy and free access to medicines for range of minor illnesses and ailments without the need for a doctor’s appointment.  Please watch the following video for details of the services provided at local pharmacies:

Many unnecessary visits to the GP or to the A&E department can be avoided through self care. When it comes to treating minor ailments and illnesses, it is important to examine your options. By simply visiting your local pharmacist and having a well stocked medicine cabinet, many conditions can be better managed at home.

Embracing self care is all about the little things people can do every day to live well and be healthy. Being active, eating well, stopping smoking, limiting alcohol to recommended levels, and learning when to treat common ailments without the need for a doctor’s appointment are all ways to embrace self care.

The Corner Surgery is now expected to adhere to the Sefton Medicines Self Care Policy (indeed, this has been included as a performance indicator in our contract with the NHS) so we thank you in anticipation of your support with this requirement.