From 1st May 2021, The Corner Surgery (along with other local surgeries) will not be registering new patients who are already registered with a GP surgery locally, & who still live within that GP surgery's registered practice area. 

This decision has been supported by Southport & Formby CCG, who produced guidance to this effect to promote the stability of patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition, a fellow North Southport GP surgery is currently being merged with another surgery in Central Southport.  We are confident that this surgery remains in very good hands so we would encourage their patients to remain registered with them, even if there have been some technical issues in the short term.  However, we have received a significant number of registration requests from patients at that surgery in recent weeks, & one of the technical issues is that their patient records are not transferring successfully using the usual electronic method.  This means that we have to wait a number of weeks for the records to arrive from Primary Care Support England, which could have implications for the quality & safety of patient care in the meantime.

We will review this decision on a monthly basis alongside the other local surgeries who have made a similar decision, & we will continue to take exceptional patient circumstances into account on a case-by-case basis. 

Thank you very much in anticipation of your support.